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Sideboard in Wood with Golden Metal Legs

Design KNB


Measurements: 90WX40DX90H cm

 Packages: 1
- 95x46x95 cm
Volume: 0.415
 Gross weight: 26,30 Kg
 Net weight: 23,00 Kg

Material: Wood, Metal
Color: White,Grey or Black, Golden

Instructions for care:: Avoid exposing wooden furniture to heat or sunlight and avoid contact with hot objects, aggressive hygiene products or water. Remove liquid stains immediately to prevent any damage to the surface. Use wooden furniture only indoors unless they are for external use.
Lacquered finish: Use a soft, dry towel. If there is dirt, use a damp cloth and dry later. To polish, use a daily use sprayer.
Painted finish: Remove dust with a damp cloth. Clean with a non-abrasive detergent and hot water. Rinse with water and dry the surface with a soft cloth. The painted surfaces do not normally require the use of sprayers. Do not use oils or sprayers that contain oil.