About us


Welcome to Design Knows No Borders, I am Sarah, the founder of Design KNB.

Before settling back in Dublin in 2016 I spent time living in a number of European countries. Growing up in Germany, Austria and Sweden undoubtedly influenced my design tastes. I lived for over a decade in Brussels before moving back to Ireland with my Italian husband. Having moved around so much I couldn’t wait to buy our first home here and we moved into a semi-detached Victorian home.

Aside from encountering the usual frustrations that every home renovation project brings, I found sourcing home furnishings unexpectedly challenging. Having lived in Europe for so long I knew that there were high quality furniture collections in a range of styles that just weren’t available here. Once our home was renovated in late 2019 I started Design KNB, so that other Irish home owners could access some of the beautiful modern European furnishings without the difficulties that I faced.

Working closely with European suppliers I’ve sourced a range of furnishing and accessories for every room in your home. I hope that you can find some of your new favourite pieces here. In deciding on which suppliers to use I always ask myself if I would be happy to have their furniture in my own home. Unless the answer is yes, you won’t see them here!  The collections are regularly updated as I find new suppliers so check back regularly and sign up for the newsletter to see what’s new.  And if you’d like advice on your interiors or are looking for a particular style or piece let me know and I’ll try to help.


I look forward to hearing from you.