Plywood Project


    Discover the inspiring journey of Dariusz Gapski, the renowned mid-century modern furniture designer and owner of Plywood Project company.

    With a passion for creation that sparked during his high school days and nurtured through his studies, Dariusz's transition from a photographer to a furniture designer was not a straightforward one.

    But his collaboration with a furniture enthusiast marked the beginning of his journey, and he faced initial hurdles in finding the right material for production. However, Dariusz and his team's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is evident in every aspect of their business, from design to customer service.

    With the furniture found in homes across the world, Plywood Project's modular system is designed for easy assembly, making it accessible and convenient for customers worldwide. Dariusz envisions a future where the company continues to evolve, driven by passion and a commitment to excellence.

    Join the journey of Plywood Project, and experience the tactile excellence of their furniture.

    24 products

    24 products