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The Importance of a Side table

You may think a side table is not such an important item in your home but here I lay out some of the important aspects of what a side table can bring to your home.

However, I would suggest before you decide to invest in a side table, I would be asking myself the following questions.

  1. What do you plan to use it for?
  2. Will it be a permanent feature or do you need a side table that you can move around?
  3. Would you like it to double up as a stool during dinner parties?
  4. Do you plan to use it for decorative purposes or would you like it to be practical and that it can hold some storage?
  5. Would you prefer for it to blend into your interiors or stand out?

Side tables are great tools that can be used as an extension to your sofa or armchair, that you can have at a comfortable height to place your drink or book on when you need a place to rest them. If you are looking for this kind of side table, I would suggest going for a taller side table that can be slipped under your sofa legs.

 Sofa Side Table with marble and metal

If you are looking for multi-functional side tables that may not be used all the time, it may be used for placing a drink on but you would also like extra seating when you have guests around, I suggest going for a stool/side table, like our Ceramic Side Table/Stools

 Ceramic Side Table/stool in Yellow

The beauty of a good side table is that you can also use it for decorative purposes, it can bring not just a place to hold a drink but should be thought about as a decoration. You can also use a lower side table and place ornaments on top of it or use it place a plant pot on it, this will draw people attention to the side table even more as it is at eye level.

 Ceramic side table stool in yellow with a vase

Side tables can also be used to bring balance to a room be it in a living room or bedroom, you can have a side table on each side of the sofa, the same or similar, they don’t necessarily need to be matching.

In a bedroom you can use, either bedside tables or simple side tables. In this regard I would suggest going with two as it brings balance to a room and also matching does add symmetry to the room and focus to the bed.

 Bronze side tableBronze side table in living room

The last question, is the style of your side table, as it can be a decorative feature as well as functional use it to your advantage and make it a piece that can be noticed in your home. What would you like the side table to say about you? Should it be eclectic, elegant, sophisticated?


In terms of style even if your home is more just one style like Scandinavian you can still mix styles and add something slightly bolder into the mix. We are here to help and if you have any questions on what might work best in your interiors, do get in touch. We also have options that we don’t display but can share with you. We look forward to hearing from you.