Less is more in interiors

Less is More

We discussed the topic of 'Less is More' with Anna Day from @Simplifywithanna at www.annaday.ie. If you didn't catch it, you can read up what we spoke about!

What does 'Less is More' mean in terms of interiors? Does it mean stark interiors? An absence of cosiness?

First off, we discussed de-cluttering! Anna Day who is an expert in helping people declutter, spoke about taking one room at a time! Don't overwhelm yourself, don't start with your wardrobe but with a smaller room like your bathroom closet. Get used to the idea of decluttering. Once you have gotten used to the idea, you can tackle a bigger room or get in the help of an expert like Anna who also helps people remotely.

Your home should be a place of calm and peace, where possible, and de-cluttering will help that.

Once you feel you have gotten through some of clutter in your house, get a sense of how you feel in your home. Are you hanging onto items for the sake of it? Do you like your furniture at home? We spoke about having less furniture but items that you value and that make you love the space you live in.

Anna also spoke about cosy minimalism, having a fewer things but items that you love and you feel connected to.

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