How to pick the perfect Dining Table and Dining Chairs

How to pick the perfect dining table and chairs for your home

How to pick the perfect dining table and chairs for your home

When thinking about your dining furniture it’s a little bit like the chicken and egg riddle. Which comes first, the dining chairs or the table? Whichever one you start with will have an impact on the style of the other. However, as with any home furnishing decisions, your starting point should be the room where you’ll put the furniture and the function it will serve.


Questions to consider when choosing a table

The most obvious starting point is the shape of table that you like. Different shapes have different benefits, aside from aesthetics. A round table is less formal, there is no “head of the table.” They are often a popular choice for families. Round tables can suit large, open-plan kitchens and are also suitable for entertaining. Our Gloria, solid oak round table, from Hoom has cleverly designed legs that minimise obstruction. It is made to order and available in 3 sizes with the added option of having it made to fold out. This gorgeous oak table is crafted to withstand all the stages of family life. You could entertain your grandchildren at it in the decades to come. And just like you, it will get even more beautiful as it ages!

One reason that people choose rectangular over round tables is that for larger numbers round tables require bigger rooms. The beauty of rectangular tables is that often they can be extended – perfect for special occasions like birthdays, dinner parties or Christmas. Depending on how the legs are configured you usually have more flexibility about the number of people you can seat. This Hoom Diamond Solid Oak Table is designed with the four legs inset and centred rather than at the corners. Like the Gloria table, and George Solid Timeless Oak Table, it is made from beautiful solid oak with a 4cm deep tabletop. Each table is unique due to the pattern of the natural grain of the wood.


We have a wide range of tables, and if you need a larger table than the ones you see on our site get in touch. Since many of our suppliers create the tables to order we may be able to have a table custom-made to suit your particular requirements. Oval tables are similar to rectangular tables but with curved corners, this could work well where one side of the table will be close to a wall. The curved corners can make it easier for those sitting on the inside edge, as it leaves more room for them to move around the ends of the table.


Chairs with flair

Your choice of chairs allow you to add an extra dash of personality to your dining area. However, before you can think about finishes and fabrics you have to consider how many guests you want to seat at your table. The width of the chairs you choose will factor into the number of chairs your table can accommodate. Height is another consideration – both of the chair and the table – so that you and your guests can sit comfortably at the table at the correct height. Traditionally the seats at the head and foot of the table had armrests and you might choose to have chairs of this style. But with less formality and, often less space, having the same chairs for everyone at the table might make more sense in your home.

When you’ve decided on the width and height of the chairs that you want you can consider the less mathematical side of your home décor! There are lots of options when it comes to choosing the finishes of your chair. Do you prefer a sleek, classic wood finish? Or would you like to add a touch of luxury with velvet chairs? If you’re choosing a fabric chair what colour would fit in with your style? You could go with a muted, neutral tone, or add a splash of colour to bring a little bit of drama to the table. Or you could choose more than one colour – our Monti velvet dining chairs are available in a wide range of colours, from cream to black and all colours in between. Mix and match contrasting colours or select just one for a more uniform look. If you don’t see the colour you want on the website get in touch for further details of the other colours available. Even if your choice is a wood finish you can still have fun with colour. For example, the N.811 Beech chair from Ton is based on an original 1930s design and is available finished in your choice of  30 different beautiful paint shades! You’re sure to find a colour that best reflects your personality.

Once your selected furniture arrives you’ll be left with a different range of decisions to make. Who will you invite to dinner and what will you serve?

If you’d like advice on your dining table and chairs, get in touch.