How to make a small space appear bigger

How do you make a small space appear bigger?

Did you watch our Instagram live yesterday with the great Alicja from Allessa Interiors?

We had a lot of fun discussing various questions from the audience and getting some great tips and tricks.

One question that came up was how to make a small space appear bigger.

Alicja spoke about using reflective surfaces, meaning use mirrors on the walls so that the walls will seem bigger as they reflect through the mirror. Also using glass console tables, like this one Transparent glass console  that Alijca mentioned yesterday.

Also a big lesson was that 'less is more', so true. I don't know about you but I sometimes get over excited when it comes to interiors and instead of using what I have, I buy more and you can easily over clutter. De-cluttering can often help a lot, and instantly help makes your space seem bigger. Do check out, Sarah Reynolds is also present on Instagram and gives great tips on how to organise.

Another tip was to measure your room and also look at the size of each piece and plan the space where it will go. The last thing you want to do, is buying a piece and then it doesn't fit because you over estimated the space. Measure your room and look at the furniture you buy.

When it comes to dining tables, round tables will often work better in a small space. In our 'take me HOME collection', we have the Rotondo table so you don't need to compromise on style.

Design KNB helps you by always having the measurements of each product piece at the top of the page, as we understand how important it is to know the dimensions. As much as you might love a piece, check if it fits!


I hope you enjoyed these tips.

Sarah from Design KNB