Fall back in love with your home with a few simple changes to your interiors

Are you still in love with your home?

How a few changes can make you fall back in love with your house:

I don’t know about you, but I get itchy feet after having been in a new place after a few years and it rarely makes sense to move. I have found that doing some small redecorating can make you fall back in love with your house. I have recently completed my second renovation and I am a strong believer in working at your home to keep it fresh and interesting.


So what do I mean by redecorating? It can mean things like repainting the walls and changing the colour slightly, can make a huge change to your home and can transform a space. Whether you do this yourself or hire a painter to help you. In terms of getting colour advice, you can engage an interior designer or seek advice from colour consultants in paint shops. I would suggest putting together a simple mood board with the vibe you are looking to achieve with your existing furniture and that will also help you narrow down paint colours.

Once you have created a mood board, it will point out the pieces that you are missing to bring the room together. Adding some home accessories to a space can really change the mood of the room.

What to add:

It can be simple things like table lamps/side lamps that can transform a room. Vases and ornaments can really lift a space. Check our selection of lamps https://www.designknb.com/collections/table-lights and

home accessories out https://www.designknb.com/collections/home-accessories

I would also recommend adding either faux plants and flowers in a bedroom or real plants or faux flowers in a living space or entrance way. The touch of greenery can really lift a space.

If you need some advice on how to spruce up your space with a few items, feel free to reach out to get some advice. Email me: info@designknb.com