Your home is your sanctuary, design and style your living room.

Are you settling for function over style in your Living room?

Your Home is your sanctuary, is what we hear so often. Now more than ever it is our safe haven where we know we can relax and be ourselves. However even though our home is our sanctuary, why does it often fall short when it comes to how we style it?

Our home and the way we style it, is as much a reflection of our personality as how we dress ourselves. As much as a new outfit gives a renewed energy so does styling our home to our taste, gives us a new lease of life.

Whether you are fully renovating your home or you want to spruce up your existing space, remember that the devil is in the detail.

We often focus on the big-ticket items like the Sofa and armchair, the dining table and chairs, choosing our kitchen and styling our bathroom. More often than not we are then disappointed because even though a lot of money has been spent on these parts of our home, the home still does not feel complete.

Why does my home feel more functional than beautiful?

We can often get caught up in the function of a home that we forget about the details. It is the details that make a house, a functional space, a home.

What do I mean by details?

The details are the elements of the room that tie everything together.

The Living Room

In a living room, the details are the coffee table. A Coffee table has its function but it also centers the room and brings the room to a focal point. It is therefore vital that you take your time when you choose your coffee table and choose one that fits with your style but also your requirements.

Ask yourself these questions:

How big is my room? What style is my current room? Do I need my coffee table to have storage?

These questions will determine the size and style of the coffee table. You want your coffee table to be in good proportion and height to your Sofa’s.

Also think about a side table, especially between a Sofa and an armchair. This can also give you a surface to put plants on, which add a lot of interest to a room.

Home Accessories and Mirrors

Think about Mirrors, whether over a mantel piece or another focal point in the room.

Consider choosing Art that speaks to you and also expresses your personality.

Then last look at accessories, whether these are items that you have found on travels or home accessories that you would like to buy and add. Think about a vase as well, as this allows you somewhere to add either Fresh or Faux flowers. Adding different textures and levels of interest in a room, can bring a room together. Cushions for your Sofa’s is also an extremely important element and should not be compromised on.

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